“Mike has been an instrumental part of my career transition and I certainly owe a good amount of credit to him and his networking company, NRG. The companies and individuals in NRG have been nothing short of professional and wonderful! Thank you, Mike!”
Pablo Troncoso

“Mike is extremely passionate about introducing professional people to each other. If you are looking to Network and get your name or business out there you should check out what he has to offer. He also might have that contact that you really need to meet as well. Worth the phone call or dropping an e-mail line…”

Tori Marriner

“I joined NRG in the Spring of 2014. I was transitioning from my hourly bartender position to my commission based sales career as an Insurance Broker. I quickly created believability in myself and my business. After a couple more meetings I learned how to effectively use the pinball method to my advantage by being as specific as possible about which industries I was looking to develop and which power partners I have been successful with. Joining NRG was a no brainer for me. I constantly find out about exclusive volunteer opportunities and networking events that I wouldn’t be invited to if I hadn’t joined. I also get never ending leads from people that are happy to warm them up for me if needed. The people I have met through NRG have shown nothing but love and have been so happy to meet me one on one just because I am a part of NRG. Bottom line it works. I’m excited to continue participating in my groups and I’m looking forward to getting more involved in NRG with the potential to eventually run my own group in the DC/Bethesda area. Joining NRG was the best thing I could have done for my business”
Eric Appelbaum

I am so excited to be a part of NRG. I heard Mike Weiner’s passion for networking and building businesses over the phone, and that day I decided to see what the group was about. As a Business Management Consultant, I concluded that NRG has unlimited growth potential. First, Mike’s Pinball Method is genius. Each meeting, members and non-members are prompted to search through their existing network to find Power Partners, Industries and Named Accounts that will bring more closed business. Secondly, the e-NRG-y of the group is electric. Everyone feels a responsibility to refer business owners to each other. Third, Mike Weiner is so dynamic and inspirational. His goal is to help you form strategic business partnerships and expand your business clientele. How many other CEOs of networking organizations are personally invested in your success? I now have one and my business is in the process of taking off because of Mike.
Kayla Solinsky

“I have known and worked with Michael for over 5 years on several projects. In that time; he continues to exemplify the true definitions of a leader, coach, consultant and friend. He is an expert at interpersonal relations. Michael is engaging and passionate. As the founder and CEO of NRG (Network Referral Group) he knows everyone. He is a connector and a networking guru. As the Ellicott City NRG group leader, I can attest to the power of the organization. More than 60% of my business can be directly attributed to weekly meetings and networking events organized by NRG and its affiliates. I can only recommend Michael Weiner and NRG with the highest of enthusiasm. ”
Keith Ullman

Mike is very professional and runs a great organization unlike any other networking group. The people that belong to NRG are very professional and great people to be around. The meetings are run smoothly and efficiently and a lot gets accomplished in one hour.
Zach Mainstain

I joined NRG after my first meeting when I saw how much business was passing.  I think I received 2 referrals in my first meeting.  My biggest week I received 11 quality warm referrals in one meeting.  Members truly help each other.   Mike has built a huge network during his many years in running NRG.
He is committed to growing all the groups and is open to creating new groups anywhere there is interest.  The “pinball” strategy is a competitive advantage over other groups. Unique businesses in the organization have the ability to network with the hundreds of members across the organization, which is an immediate win.  I have never regretted my decision to join.  And my investment was quickly recouped.  Business professionals should definitely come to a meeting to see why the “Pinball” works!

Elaine O’Malley

Before I hooked up with Mike Weiner of NRG(Network Referral Group), I was attending 1-3 meetup groups per month. I would see the same people and they were for the most part, just into helping themselves and no one else. Their idea of networking was picking my brain to see if there was something they could get from me. I did actually speak with several people who “Said,” that I should contact them. Those people never did have the time to call me back.
Mike Weiner invited me to the NRG Columbia, Maryland meeting which meets on Wednesday from 930 to 10:30 AM at Double-Tree by Hilton located at 5485 Twin Knolls Rd. in Columbia, MD 21045. I felt like I was home. Yea, I know it’s a dorky thing to say, but I soon found out that everyone who attends the meetings wants to help each other be more successful.
At this first meeting, I got 15 solid leads which were far better than all the “Other” meetups ever supplied me in several years of attending!
Mike told me that in order to continue to attend these meetings, I would need to pay $500 for the year. Five Hundred a year is hard when you are just starting out but the reasoning as I see it, is I would not have to travel to more of the same “Meetups” and be disappointed!
Each of the NRG meetings has given me leads!
You can waste your time by attending the “Other” groups or you can come home to members who will never disappoint you and “Will” help you to Succeed!
If you live near Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, contact Mike Weiner: mike@networkreferralgroup.com
Do yourself a favor and Meet Up with Mike of NRG!
(I was not paid or compensated for introducing you to NRG, unless you count the eleven cents I found in the parking lot this morning. I am very excited about his groups and just wanted to share.)

-Art Garroway

On my very first NRG meeting I got a client. NRG creates a space where business professionals help each other to grow the businesses in a way that’s organic and powerful. I would recommend NRG to anybody who wants to grow their business.

Umar Hameed
No Limits Selling

Network Referral Group has been a life saver as far as referral partners goes because during the meetings we actively brainstorm great referrals during all of the meetings as a group. It’s kind of like a weekly mastermind group where we all try to work together on helping each other accomplish our own personal goals. Getting an outsider perspective is a great asset and the multiple referrals to connect with on a weekly basis make it a great group to be a part of.

Morgan R. 

I have known Michael Weiner for 20 years from our days together in Sales at IKON Office Solutions.

Michael is a tremendous resource to his fellow business associates and the community. His philosophy has ALWAYS been to help others grow their business and achieve so much more. Michael is extremely well connected and is FOREVER working on ways to make everyone around him better. Michael is incredibly passionate, driven, motivated and organized. He has always been there for me 24/7 to just listen; willing to help out no matter the situation or circumstance.

Despite being such a driven business person, the thing that impresses me most about Michael is that he truly CARES. He cares about all aspects of a person’s life not just the business side. He takes the time to get to know you which is becoming increasingly rare in this day and age. Performance and Trust are the ONLY two things I look for in any type of relationship and Michael exhibits both of those traits to the maximum.

If you have not looked into his organization in the last two years, you owe it to yourself to check out NRG.

Sandy Cook
DEX Imaging Major Account Executive
Office – (443)589-0140
Cell – (410)812-2760

To Whom It May Concern:

I am extremely pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mike Weiner.  Mike and I worked together 20 years ago at Xtec Solutions, and he was the consummate professional that worked hard and grew his network like very few could.

Although our sales careers have taken different directions, Mike and I have always stayed in touch.  We have both successful careers, and I believe it is because we both share a common set of worth ethics – commitment to our customers, constantly growing our network, persistence to keep going even during the most challenging of times, and helping others when you can.

When he formed NRG, it was perfect for Mike.  He has taken his core work ethics to help others in their businesses be more successful.  Mike is dedicated and enthusiastic about NRG and the benefits they bring to their customers.

I fully recommend Mike and NRG to anyone looking for a different way to earn more money.

 Tina Armiger

Meeting with Mike Weiner and becoming a part of NRG has been more than a WIN all around.  The contacts I have met since joining has been beneficial in both my daily life and business practice overall.  I have had a chance to meet several people from all types of businesses from Real Estate to Human Resources to the health professions.  The probabilities are endless with an organization like NRG.  To promote this concept nationwide would propel other business owners like myself to want to partner and share business networking in a concise, concrete via comprehensive platform.

Dr. Tré Steger-Smith
TE Enterprises Consulting, LLC
White Plains, Maryland

I started with NRG about 5 years back and it truly lives up to its namesake NRG(Energy). It breathed new life into my business. I still have kept the relationships that I built many years back. I have been to many networking events and groups, but the one thing that really stood out to me about NRG is that I know I will get great referrals every time we meet. It is a perfect place to build your business and take it to the next level. Thank you Mike Weiner for being a great leader in this industry!

In service,
Phillip Seaman
Independent Associate – Director
Small Business, CDLP & Group Benefits Specialist
Mobile Office: (410) 419-8015

I highly recommend NRG for individuals who understand and appreciate the strength of relationship marketing and client development, with a genuine interest in establishing a network of trusted colleagues. I especially enjoy the informal yet structured format of weekly meetings, which provide a way to contribute to others’ marketing efforts as well as gather ideas and contacts.  It’s a welcome change to other networking group formats, often tending to be more structured and requiring a significant amount of preparation and commitment.

Although Network Referral Group (NRG) offers a great venue to meet professionals interested in working as partners to generate business, I’ve had the opportunity to develop professional alliances and friendships with several individuals in the Columbia 2 group.   I value being able to provide solid referrals to clients for services outside of my profession. Building a network of referring partners has been a real bonus to being a part of the group.

Thanks again for extending the initial invitation!


Y. Britt Gumport
Investment Executive
Veney Financial Group

Having spent many years in sales and business development, I realized that one thing is for certain. You must build relationships and trust with other sales business owners to have a successful career! NRG can give that to you! Meet fabulous and dynamic people! Stay connected with the warm introduction from a referral partner. Having known Mike for many years, he and his organization can make the difference for your bottom line and growth!
-Gail Hires
Former executive recruiter
Software sales and implementation consultant

I am consistently impressed with Mike Weiner, CEO and founder of Network Referral Group Inc (NRG) for the last 16 years, from the day I saw him on LinkedIn and decided to connect; to the day I met him with the Towson, Maryland NRG meeting; and today when he followed up about my experience with my NRG home group in Hunt Valley, Maryland.   I have attended a number of networking groups throughout my 30 years of providing financial services and when I met Mike, attended that first meeting, I knew I stumbled onto something exceptional.  I just started a new position this summer and looking to spread the word I am now providing alternative health care coverage for individuals that wanted something other than “Obamacare”; coverage that tended to be more affordable with benefits that can be customized to what people want, and Mike, he delivered, his members have been elevating me and my business ever since.  The people Mike attracts are clearly the people you want helping you advance your business, collaborating on business ideas, as well as providing the sources of business you need.  The NRG members are inspired, driven people that will create the synergy that will accelerate your business.   His meetings are on a consistent level of always being productive, enjoyable and precise, the meetings are always helpful in some tangible way by providing important and useful information, learning new angles to pursue business and of course, providing high quality sources of prospects.
Please call me, Lee Fox, Licensed Agent at 443-865-8785, and I will do my best to answer any questions, elaborate on why I highly recommend taking the time to attend a NRG meeting, as well as help make it clear that you should join NRG today.